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Artistry, Collaboration, Innovation

Solo Pianists Thrive Together 


New Piano Collective is an artistic alliance between seven internationally recognized solo pianists, celebrating and supporting the unique contribution of each pianist as a colleague rather than a competitor. NPC offers an alternative model to the scarcity mentality that has long been accepted in the world of classical music. I have been hearing statements like the following since I was a young student:

"It's just so competitive out there- a million pianists who all play so well and not enough concerts." 

"You simply have to win a major competition to get noticed and make a career these days."

"So few pianists make it to the top- we're all trying for the same few opportunities."


These and similar views have created the illusion of competition in a profession of giving. We artists provide something which the world needs at a profound level- the joy, catharsis, stimulation, and beauty of music. How can one compete in the act of giving? 

NPC is founded on three essential values:

Artistry is the primary focus of our organization as musicians. The perpetual study of music at the piano sustains and enriches our lives and compels us to share it with others through performance, scholarship, and education. A deep admiration for musicians of the past is combined with the awareness that we actively create music in the now for future generations. 

Collaboration between artists creates community and support, inspiring by example and inviting audience and fellow artists to join in sharing their gifts. NPC pianists network, share contacts, and connect each other in meaningful ways to presenters, conductors, audience, and fellow instrumentalists with whom they share an affinity. This collaboration includes the vital process of commissioning and performing new works, sustaining the continuity of a living repertoire. 

Innovation has become a 'buzz word' associated with cross disciplinary collaborations and extended techniques. For NPC, innovation represents freedom from the well trodden path, re-framing challenges of life as an artist, and the encouragement to be one's self ever more fully. 

Please explore the site and enjoy the fantastic performances by my friends and colleagues!  

-Jeffrey LaDeur, Founder and Artistic Director

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